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Sustainable Product Spotlight: Un-Paper Towels

This month, I’m starting a series where I highlight some interesting sustainable products. These products are either made from recycled or eco-friendly materials, or they are reusable products meant to replace wasteful products. Today, I’m highlighting Un-Paper Towels from Remiusables.

Paper towels are a huge source of waste in many households. People use them as napkins, to wipe up spills, or even to clean their home. Rather than wasting trees (and money) by constantly buying more rolls of paper towels, you can buy a “roll” of un-paper towels for as cheap as $29 USD, if you want no snaps, or $37 USD for rolls with snaps.

Just as you’d use traditional paper towels for wiping up spills, cleaning your kids, and any number of other things, you can use un-paper towels the same way. You can also use them as a bib, a placemat, or to line dishes or baskets.

If you’re skeptical about how clean they can really be, or whether they can do as good of a job as paper towels, let me explain how they work. The towels are made out of flannel, which does a great job absorbing messes. You can rinse the towels, of course, or empty any large food bits into the trash. Then, you wash them just as you would any other towel. Reviews have said they are easy to clean and even the white towels don’t show stains after multiple uses. Furthermore, the towels with the snaps have a plastic tube that they attach to, which means you can still utilize your paper towel holder.

When cutting down on eco-unfriendly products, it can be hard to find an equivalent replacement. Un-paper towels can definitely be the replacement for your home. If you want to help the environment, head to Etsy and order a roll today.

Originally posted on Wordpress.

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